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Strydo Technologies pvt.ltd is started in the year 2012, having its branches in Vellore (Tamilnadu) & Tirupathi (AP). We provide IT training, Research and Development Projects, Internship, Web development, Placement assistance, Academic Projects, Faculty development program and Technical Workshops. we are the best final year project center in vellore

We enhance individuals through efficient training methodologies to have a better scope and ideas for their future. It is always important to set up smart goals to achieve our long term vision and the most of us are left helpless in those situations. Our experienced professionals teach you the S (Specific), M (Measurable), A (Accurate), R (Reliable), T (Timely) way to approach your goals.

We believe that when it comes to training, you need to develop true competence in new skills, not just receive an overview of ways and techniques. The best way to assure competence is through facilitated hands on practice. Our students spend at most of their time in class performing structured hands on lab exercises that build competence, confidence and clarity.

We have professionals with great experience to train an individual and bring out their best in areas of innovation, creativity and efficiency. We have served thousands of clients for the past years with great results.

Best Final Year Project center In vellore

Our Mission Vision

Best Final Year Project Center in vellore

Our vision

Strydo Technologies pvt.ltd is the go-to provider of all Corporate, Institutions and Self reliant students for complete training and developmental needs. We aspire to be a top-notch and most trust worthy training academy by providing creative learning modules for our clients by understanding their specific needs and ensure top quality service.

Our Mission

Strydo Technologies pvt.ltd – being one of the leading academy, it is providing unique portfolio of training modules striving to surpass competitors in quality, innovation and value to elevate the image of strydo technologies pvt.ltd and be the most trust worthy training academy.


Founder Speech

 Mr. Venkata Krishnan is a serial entrepreneur, mentor and an excellent manager. He started his career as a Business Analyst and now with over 10 years of experience in the field of Education, He is a fountain head of innovative ideas who strives to create opportunities for students, to impart them with knowledge in the current trending technologies of the world such as Machine Learning, Artificial intelligence, Data Science, Internet of Things and Embedded Systems. A highly enthusiastic and passionate leader, He has dedicated his life to motivate his employees and offer students the necessary training needed to achieve their goals with full confidence and enthusiasm.

His impeccable thirst for innovation and an ardent mindset to impart knowledge has made him expand his services to over 6 locations all over India and he had also trained 10000+ students and has organized 100+ webinars programs with top mentors from various industries.  

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His love towards his work had made him sign MOUs with top colleges and universities and has made him establish connections with various companies for placements. As a socially responsible person, He had organized Blood Bank Camps, had conducted Social Awareness programs for students and had offered more than 20+ free training and development programs. His recent ventures include the inception of Innovation Labs in the field of Robotics & Artificial Intelligence for school students to help them enrich their creativity

Final Year Project Center in vellore
Final Year Project Center in vellore

What we do?

With a wide range of courses designed for skill development of every individual, the portfolio would be perfect to enable an organization to provide comprehensive development opportunities to all of its employees and students so they can deliver on the organization’s goals and strategies.

Quality Policy -

Strydo Technologies will consistently provide quality training and other services that meet or exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers. We will actively pursue ever-improving quality through programs that enable each individual to understand their skill right the first time to do better in the society.

Our goal is to be a leader in industrial skill provider by providing excellent quality, value and commitment to our clients which enable them to do the same and contribute to the betterment of their surroundings. We uphold customer confidence at highest level and increase their satisfaction showing them more eminent opportunities.

Final Year Project Center in vellore



Mr. S. Venkata Krishnan

Founder and CEO

Final Year Project Center in vellore

Mrs. S. Rajalakshmi

Co-Founder and CTO

Chakaravarthy sir

Mr. S. Chakaravarthy

Branch Head, Tirupati

Tamil Selvi

Ms. B. Tamilselvi

Operations Executive


Mr. M. Thamothiran

Java developer


Mrs. S. Keerthana

Technical Councellor


Mr. K. Gokulakrishnan

Embedded Developer


Mr. R. Rohit

Data Scientist


Ms. G. Harika



Mr. R. Mugilan

Java developer


Mr. R. Elavarasu

Digital Marketing specilist

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